Car insurance premiums will stop next year

Car insurance premiums have been falling for three years in a row due to fierce competition between insurers. But that fall seems to come to an end in 2008. If you want to take advantage of the considerably lower rates in the coming years, you should make a direct comparison and opt for an affordable car insurance policy.

The financial advisory organization Academica is of the opinion that the end of premium decreases is approaching because insurance statistics indicate this. These figures would show that next year the break-even point will come between the reduced premiums and the claim amounts. It is then no longer profitable for insurers to lower premiums even further.

Changing very rewarding

Changing very rewarding

Motor insurance premiums have fallen constantly over the past three years. Research by Lender even shows that the savings can amount to several hundred euros per year. But usually only insured persons who take out a new car insurance benefit from this benefit. Old customers often pay the ‘old’ premium. Changing insurers is therefore very rewarding.

Fewer car thefts, lower premiums

Fewer car thefts, lower premiums

The premium reductions of the past three years are the result of increasing competition between insurers. But the insurers can also lower premiums because the number of car thefts has been steadily decreasing since 2003. In the first half of this year, 5,968 cars were stolen. In the first half of 2002, there were 11,681.

Insurance online up to 20% cheaper

Insurance online up to 20% cheaper

Car owners who want to take advantage of premium reductions can take out the car insurance that is most advantageous for them directly online at Lender. This is not only very easy, but also extra cheap. Lender offers people who take out their car insurance online unique extra discounts. These extra discounts can go up to 20 percent. That means double benefits.


Car insurance which additional insurance can I take

You can only insure your car for liability insurance, limited hull or full hull. But you can also insure your car more extensively with supplementary insurance. Which additional insurance policies can you take out?

You have the choice of legal assistance insurance, occupant accident insurance and occupant damage insurance:


Legal insurance

Legal insurance

The legal assistance insurance with your car insurance offers assistance with legal conflicts in which you and your car end up. This insurance will help you recover any damage from the counterparty. People with third-party liability insurance or limited airframe insurance opt for this coverage. It can also happen that you have a dispute with your garage. Even then this legal assistance insurance often offers legal assistance.

You can also choose to take out a coverage for traffic with your ‘normal’ legal expenses insurance. In that case, you do not have to take out cover for legal assistance with your car insurance policy. You would then be double insured. If you are going to take out car insurance, first check which cover your other insurance offers, so that you do not get overinsured.

Do you already have legal assistance insurance? Then see which premium you would have to pay for a traffic legal assistance insurance policy. It is possible that this premium is lower than the premium that your car insurance policy charges. And then you are often insured for all your cars in one go.


Passenger accident insurance

Passenger accident insurance

In the event of an accident, you and your fellow passengers may be injured. The medical costs are reimbursed by the health insurance policy. But an accident can also cause worse injuries such as disability or even death. You can insure yourself for the costs of this through an accident passenger insurance. With this insurance you, your passenger or surviving relatives receive a predetermined amount. This varies per car insurer.


Passenger damage insurance

Passenger damage insurance

Just as with the accident passenger insurance, you are also insured for damage caused by an accident with a passenger liability insurance. In addition, a passenger insurance claim pays out the actual damage amount. This coverage is therefore higher than the accident passenger insurance. The majority of passenger insurance claims have coverage up to one million euros.

If you have an occupant accident insurance, you do not have to take out occupant damage. You would then be double insured and that is a waste of money.


Don’t get over-insured

So you can expand your coverage for car insurance, but be careful not to get insured. Do you really need these additional insurances and part of the cover does not already fall under another insurance policy. If you already have legal assistance insurance with traffic, then legal assistance insurance with your car insurance is superfluous.

Discover now which car insurance suits you best: calculate car insurance. The moment you take out your car insurance you can also see what additional car insurance costs.


Compare car insurance Calculate car insurance

car insurance

Do you have any questions about supplementary car insurance? Call our customer service they can tell you everything about the additional car insurance policies.

Auto financing

Debt consolidation guide credit is one of those major agencies that provide these services not only to Christians but to all students who reveal their interest in studies. An assessment at

If you are looking to buy a car but you are sure if a new car credit guide is useful, cash deposits and Cagliari loans then you should consider the advantages of buying a car with a personal loan purchase agreement. Using a personal loan purchase contract can reduce the amount of depreciation you suffer, and will help you get the car you want. Here is some more information about buying a car with a personal credit guide loan purchase agreement. What is a personal loan purchase agreement, is a personal mortgage contract for individuals. It allows you to set up a contractual clause with the monthly payment loans for your new car. At the end of the period, it is possible to buy the vehicle in full or to give it back to the contact credit lead supplier. The costs of cash deposits and loans of a depend on the machine you are buying, and how much deposit you can afford to put it down.

It also depends on the duration of the contract, so guide credit like other factors like maintenance needs

credit loans

However, the duration of the contract loans usually lasts from 24-42 months, during which you pay a monthly cost like a ‘rent’ cash deposits and loans of the vehicle. Guaranteed future value

One of the advantages of that you get a guaranteed minimum future agreement, so you know how much you will have to pay at the end of the loan term to buy the car outright. You can pay the guaranteed value and own the car, hand it back without any payment, or use the guaranteed value to another new car.

Cheaper than many other methods

Apart from flexibility, the main advantage of a is that you have set monthly payments that may be lower than other forms of auto financing. Furthermore, cash deposits and loans if you get a PCP with maintenance included you will not have to worry about major repair costs, as you could have with a used car. Furthermore, depreciation is lower because you have a guaranteed future value.

Losing the auto may be the biggest drawback of a is that during the duration of the contract it does not actually own the car

auto loan

You are simply leasing from the supplier, so if you should fail to make payments the car can be taken off. Before taking a PCP, make sure you can afford the repayments so that you will be able to keep the car you want. The cheapest cash deposits and loans in Cagliari for a loan Even if the PCP means you don’t own the car during the term of the contract, it is much cheaper than a loan for the sale of a fifth car loan. Even if you get a very low rate, you will pay back more and amortization will be higher. If you are looking to buy a car and do not want to pay outright. Here is a word of advice for those currently enrolled in college or high school students who will soon be paying for their university studies.

First, they apply for them. In my 4 years of college, I was awarded € 20,903 in federal grants and state. Big help. How well you are largely depending on your parents’ income. In my case my parents don’t make a lot of money … about € 30,000 / year. But even if your parents make a lot of money, you can still benefit from filling out the FAFSA. It qualifies for low-interest federal loans that do not start accrued interest until you are out of school.

Loan insurance: here we offer you a complete analysis on how to get money driving credit

Some of the other benefits that a VA home loan offerings include such things as longer repayment terms, no down payment for some cases, upfront payment of fees, and an accurate assessment of the property value for home loan insurance provided. There are many other advantages.

There are some issues that VA loan borrowers need to be aware of as they go through the process of buying a home

loan borrowers

For example, when buying a home credit guide through a VA home loan, the VA does not offer any kind of guarantee that the home loan insurance is free from defects. The VA will certainly make an assessment of the property, but this should not be taken as an official check of the property. In addition, the VA loan insurance does not require or even order the builders to correct the problems or defects that they (VA) or yes can be found during the construction of a building. assignment of the fifth This is your responsibility. In fact, you should always have an expert to inspect the home in an official capacity as a credit guide is under construction (in new home mortgage construction projects) or as it is with standing houses. The VA will not be able to offer legal advice either. You, as the buyer, need to use your own lawyer for such matters. It is your responsibility to be aware of the laws governing the offer and your property. Even with these restrictions, the VA still offers a great deal for many veterans. A VA loan can also be a flexible loan. In addition to helping secure loans for standing homes and for building new homes, a VA loan can also be used to purchase a home standing and improve the home at the same time. They can also be loan insurance used to improve an existing home by adding new energy efficiency technologies. There is also a provision for driving credit people to use a VA loan for the purchase of a manufactured home and a lot, as long as the right conditions are met.

For loan insurance to be eligible for a VA home loan, the borrower must be within a certain debt ratio

For loan insurance to be eligible for a VA home loan, the borrower must be within a certain debt ratio

When personal income, credit card debts, car loans, and the new debt created by the VA mortgage are all summed loans, the maximum debt ratio can be had and still eligible for a VA home loan is 41%. As you can imagine there are many other factors that will also be used to measure solvency and the more issues you can solve loan insurance before applying the best. If you are thinking of applying for a VA home loan, we recommend visit with a debt counselor to see how you could improve your financial credit guide situation credit guide before loan insurance to start the application process. When my wife first heard of me taking a loan against our house, she felt that I was one of the ridden debt people who takes up selling their valuable assets in frustration. In fact, she was born and raised with traditional thinking, which she considered loans as evil. However, things have changed a lot since the days when loans were actually badly fated. Secured personal loans are now easily used to compensate for the resulting deficit between the limited income and the unlimited demands on it.

Money mart online payday loan -Find out online payday lenders

Need urgent money and looking for a way to quickly borrow money? You can borrow money on account with a small loan today!

Find out online payday lenders

What if you suddenly find money shortage this month? You might borrow money from friends or family or possibly ask for an advance on your salary from your boss. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. What can you do to get money quickly? First thought is often to go to the bank. However, taking out a loan from a bank is often difficult because of the many conditions. Borrowing at the bank is therefore not possible for everyone. In addition, borrowing at the bank costs a lot of time and effort, while you just want money on your account today! A better alternative is to take out a payday loan online direct, so you can be sure that you have the money available today!

You can also borrow money on account today!

The aim of these online loans is to make it possible for as many people as possible to get money quickly by taking out a loan. These are small loans. They are not big amounts, but it can be just the one thing you need. That’s fine, so if a small loan is always within reach. There are not many conditions set by the providers of these loans so that it is possible for as many people as possible to take out these loans. Are you older than 21 and do you receive monthly income? Then you can take out a small loan! So even if you are without work, do not have the right papers or are on the blacklist!

Money is borrowing on account today while you are on the blacklist

How is it possible that these providers of small loans are not checked if you are on the blacklist? Is online borrowing or a safe way of borrowing? The answer is yes, you can safely take out small loans because the loan providers are affiliated to the chamber of commerce and are controlled by the Dutch government. How is it possible that no check is made whether you are on the blacklist? There are several reasons for this. First, a blacklist check is very time-consuming. In addition, many people would be excluded from a loan by such a measure. Finally, these are small amounts, which means that the risk that the loan providers run is relatively small. A check on whether you are blacklisted will then become superfluous.

How much money do you borrow on account today?

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Fast loans from the internet allow you to receive a 150 Euro instant loan with immediate payment

Take advantage of the great loan offers that you can get on the internet and you will see how quickly and easily you can have the right credit on your account. This is especially quick if you inquire about an instant loan, urgent loan, lightning loan or loan with immediate payment and apply for it. The providers of such loans guarantee that your loan application will be processed very quickly and you will have the money quickly in your account! I wish you success!

Household debt and over-indebtedness in France

In France, since 2012, over-indebtedness has been declining. Since 2011, the number of over-indebtedness files has dropped from 232,493 to 181,123. Several elements are mentioned by banks, such as the end of the crisis, or the empowerment of consumer credit, or the Lagarde Law. from 1 July 2010.

However, since 2005, there has also been an overall increase in consumer credit and household debt , according to the Banque de France. Here is a quick explanation of these conflicting figures.

A decrease in the share of consumer credit in the over-indebtedness files

In France, the amount borrowed as consumer credit has increased from 115 billion euros in 2005 to 165 billion euros in 2017. This increase goes hand in hand with the increase in real estate loans and has increased since 2015. Despite this fact, the share of consumer loans in the over-indebtedness files went from 53.8% in 2012 to 37.4% in 2017. Moreover, the number of over-indebtedness cases including consumer credit has gone from 90% to 80%.

This is, in several articles, attributed to the success of the Lagarde law of 2010, which aims to reason the consumer credit. However, the number of cases only started to drop in 2015, five years after the Laguarde law came into force.


A decline in over-indebtedness files submitted 

In 2014, 230,000 files were submitted. The decline therefore does not occur from 2012 (232,493 files), as some articles argue, but from 2015. This means that the main change does not come from the Lagarde Act, which was intended to moderate the consumption credits, but the LAW n ° 2013-672 , entered into force in 2014.

This law allows the over-indebtedness file declared admissible not to go through the amicable resolution. The decision whether or not to attempt a mediation resolution between the creditor and his debtor is decided by the commission of overindebtedness of individuals . Thus, from 2014, the number of conventional plans concluded was halved , while the measures imposed by the commission went from 57000 to 97000, at their highest level, in 2015. It is therefore a question of a deterrent measure for those who wish to file their debt overhang, because the good faith of the debtor has a large influence on these decisions, including the ability he would have had to avoid being in a situation of over-indebtedness. In 2017, only 23% of receivable debt in debt was erased. This measure becomes more and more dissuasive, since in 2018, the recommendations of the commissions no longer need to be approved by the judges .

A decline in over-indebtedness files submitted from 2015

The counselors of Hoist Finance, Intrum justicia, always in touch with subscribers of consumer loans

Hoist Finance, Intrum, EOS and other credit recovery companies continue to see the reality: consumer credit underwriters are still in an effective debt distress situation. However, their files are no longer received and processed by the commission.

Indeed, a study has shown that the French who resort to consumer credit indebted themselves more than their European neighbors . However, the situations in which the recovery files are favorably treated are the cases where the debtor is a victim, either because he has fallen prey to predatory credits, or abusive, or because he has experienced an unforeseen that has changed radically. his financial situation (bankruptcy, accident, unemployment). However, only 27% of the over-indebtedness cases are unemployed, which explains somewhat the decline in the number of cases treated favorably in 2017.

Among the common causes mentioned in over-indebtedness files, besides unforeseeable causes, such as accidents or unemployment, the poorly managed budget comes first.

Among the causes mentioned are:

  • Multiple credits
  • Chain credits (credits to repay other credits)
  • A way of life above his income

Some records even show people who have hidden their previous loans in order to get a new loan, knowingly putting themselves in a perilous financial situation.

Common advice to avoid over-indebtedness

Common advice to avoid over-indebtedness

Financial institutions and insurance advisers (the Banque de France, Cofidis, etc.), all mention the same recommendations: saving and budgeting expenses. Indeed, it may seem obvious that we must spend less than we have, that what we earn, so we can survive in a sustainable way.

However, there are now many solutions that can exceed his budget, to easily subscribe to loans. These options are not necessarily to flee, but to use in a reasoned way. Even if your banking organization sends you a monthly report of your accounts, it must be kept in mind that it is the duty of everyone to check their accounts, taking into account the expected future withdrawals.

Indeed, it is tempting to be trapped by saying that “50 € per month for the TV”, it is not a sum which one must take into account, but the cumulation of these insignificant sums can tilt a savings healthy in the red.